Our Name

An alloy is a combination of base metals with the resulting material being far stronger than the individual base metals of which it's made. How does this relate to us?

We're well aware that a single, narrow approach to resolving claims simply cannot provide the desired outcome consistently. To get positive results every time, it takes a combination of tried and true methods alongside new ideas, which each lend their strengths to the final product.

What is our approach to claims, then? Having worked with insurers all over the world, we know that there are certain things that different markets and carriers do better. So far though, nobody has a perfect claims operation. Hence we're dedicated to combining the best of all approaches to get as close to perfection as possible.

Square Triangle

For example, while we automate processes and decisions when safe and efficient to do so, we also recognize that the human brain is still far more capable of making complex decisions than any artificial intelligence.

Striking this delicate balance between the use of technology and human expertise is one of the ways we strive for the best outcomes possible for all parties, in addition to remaining agile and adapting based on technological breakthroughs and our customer's need.