The Alloy Mission

Our mission is simple. We aim to provide superior claims service at a lower expense than both internal claims departments and outsource providers.

We achieve this by using a state-of-the-art claims system, automated process, and years of hands-on claims experience. These invaluable assets enable us to keep customer satisfaction high while achieving preferred outcomes that protect the interests of the insurers we serve.

We realize that an insurer's own claims experience is the most powerful tool to improve pricing and risk selection, and we are committed to supporting our partners with best-in-class data and analytics.


About Alloy Claims

The founders of Alloy Claims previously managed claims at large insurers both in the United States and globally. During their time at these organizations, they found a common thread.

Due to cost constraints, legacy systems, and outdated thinking, many carriers seemed to be stuck in the past. In attempting to modernize their claims organizations, they faced incredible internal barriers to change. And they were disheartened to find that outsourcing their claims services wouldn't do much good since the same issues existed in the TPA market.

Outmoded processes and mindsets were the norms, and any sporadic attempts at "innovation" tended to be superficial, enabling the same old problems to rear their ugly heads again.

Rather than accept this harsh reality, our founders decided to take action. In 2019, Alloy Claims was born to fill a gaping hole in the current insurance claims landscape.

It was their goal to create a TPA that could service claims at a lower expense and save money on indemnity by driving preferred outcomes. Not to mention improving the customer experience by automating simple processes, creating a transparent ecosystem that unites all stakeholders, and providing access to experienced claims people empowered to make the necessary decisions when needed.

This is precisely what Alloy Claims has achieved since its founding and continues to provide each day.

Meet Our Team

Dylan Whitehead

Dylan Whitehead

CEO & Founder

Dylan grew up in California and received his university degree in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being in the hub of innovation and technology rubbed off on him even as he entered a very traditional industry: Insurance. He has more than 15 years experience in the industry in both claims and underwriting and has worked in numerous roles at 3 different market leading companies. Most recently he was in charge of the claims audit program for consumer property & casualty claims globally for a large multinational insurer before being asked to lead a personal insurance claims organization overseas. He brings his international experience and commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation to Alloy Claims and promises to disrupt and improve the claims experience in the United States and worldwide.


Jeremy Denton


Jeremy hails from Florida and received a degree in business from Virginia Tech. He has extensive experience as an adjuster and manager across all aspects of auto claims. He has worked casualty claims across many difficult jurisdictions and a keen eye for fraud. Having worked at both a large national carrier as well as a specialized regional company has given him insight into the operational and organizational challenges and solutions present at insurers of all sizes. He brings a strong work ethic and an innate desire to improve the insurance claims process for carriers, employees, vendors, and most importantly our end customers.